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The mission of Save Rural Woodside is to alert residents of threats to our rural environment and provide information on helping to respond.   We gather information, generate emails, and mobilize the citizens in efforts to protect our town and stop urban





To Concerned Citizens of Woodside:


For many years, the citizens of Woodside have fought to Save Rural Woodside, and we must fight again! Are you frustrated with the crowds of tourists overwhelming our peace and quiet?  Will you miss walking the trail in the Town Open Space behind the Hardware Store? Are you annoyed by the traffic jams in Town?  The problem is caused by the violation of seating limits by the Bakery.


The property owner of Canada Corners has submitted plans to bulldoze the Open Space behind the Hardware store and the existing trail for Safe Routes to School.  The plan is to build 35 additional parking spaces to allow expanding the Bakery.  Why should we give up the trees and trails on our community land to allow a private business to expand?   We can keep Outdoor Dining without bulldozing the Open Space with good planning without the need to expand the parking lot.


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Call or email the Town Council and Planning Commission.  Stand up and speak out before it is too late

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The General Plan of Woodside requires commercial activities to serve the day to day needs of the residents.  A recent survey revealed that only 5% of the customers were Woodside residents, so today's excessive use is a clear violation of the General Plan.  Should Woodside become a tourist destination?


In 1979, the owner of Canada Corners agreed to dedicate half the residential lot to be Open Space in perpetuity, in return for allowing the hardware store and the parking lot to be built. Everyone involved agreed to that plan and dedication. But now they want to break the agreement and bulldoze the Open Space.


In 2016, the Bakery agreed to a Conditional Use Permit that limits the seating to 70 seats during the daytime and agreed it would generate a fine financial return.  The Bakery now has way more seating than allowed, which attracts more customers, which causes parking and congestion issues.  The solution is to enforce existing rules; not bulldoze the Open Space for more parking.  This expansion is unnecessary for the Bakery to be successful.  The other commercial enterprises in the area are being severely affected by the parking problems caused by this violation.


Over the next months this plan will be discussed at the ASRB, Planning Commission and Town Council.  Start reading and learning about it and express your opinion to them. More information is at

Do you want to allow commercial interests to eat away at our rural environment?    If you care about the future of Woodside, then stand up and speak out.  Or the trees and trail will be gone forever, covered with asphalt and concrete.

We need to remind the Town Council, Planning Commissioners and Town staff that it is their duty and responsibility to protect our Town and act in the best interests of the citizens, not the corporate interests and developers, which they are failing to do.




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